We offer consulting services for major and minor aircraft maintenance and repair.

Considering Maintenance for your Aircraft in Central Arkansas?

Let N2 Aviation Works explain why using a consultancy to oversee your service can literally save your life:

Our concept is simple and straightforward... We are here to act in your stead so you are available to continue to do your job(s). We're here to relieve the burden of maintenance and service center monitoring and management by becoming your eyes and ears on the ground. Consider these elements:

  • Personal Relationship with Dassault's Cheif Technicians
  • Understanding Point of Contact Per issue
  • Saving Time in The Maintenance Hangar Saves Money
  • Ability to Navigate The Dassault Culture
  • Lastly...enabling you and your staff to focus on your responsibilities as flight department managers and pilots.

"Business aviation is both time consuming and expensive. Having spent over 35 years in the aviation industry and 17 of those as a Quality Control Inspector with Dassault Falcon Jet, I understand the battle to keep aircraft in as close to perfect shape as possible for not only performance... but for customer/client safety."

John Neely


More about John...
I love airplanes...always have.
  • Airframe
  • Power Plant
  • Inspection Authorization

My start in aviation was probably similar to most kids...I just happened to be lucky enough to have a Dad who owned a plane. Every step I've made since I was 4 years old has been to try and get just a little closer to them.



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